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Internet Service Provider

The first thing you need when accessing cloud services is a quality internet connection. Regardless of the services you require, your internet will determine your experience. We have set up strategic alliances with all major connectivity vendors and can supply you with the best connection in your specific area anywhere in Africa. Our solutions range from Uncapped LTE, -Fiber, -Microwave and even Satellite, so you can get access to your favourite cloud services from even the most remote places.

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Super Fast Speeds: Experience internet speeds like never before, no throttle, no caps, no buffering. Enjoy steaming and downloading the way it was meant to be.

Support & Up-Time: We believe our winning factor is our extraordinary support team. Not only do we guarantee and astonishing 99.98% internet up-time, we're also standing by to assist you 24/7. As another added benefit we provide a variety of online support method from Live Chat to our own ticketing system.

Provided Internet Technologies:
  • Fibre Technologies (Broadband, FTTH, Full Symmetric Business)
  • Wireless To Fibre and other wireless technology services.
  • LTE, HSDPA and other cellular radio-based technologies.
  • Satellite - Our solution to rural connectivity problems in Africa.
  • Microwave - When there is no Fibre, we still have a solution.
  • Diginet - Digital voice services in limited Cellular areas.
  • APN Voice Services - LTE APN for the best in VoIP quality.
8000+ People We're Connecting To The Internet
500+ Companies Depend On Our 99.98% Up Time
25+ Connectivity Solutions To Choose From
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