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Google Ads Marketing

The most powerful marketing platform in the world, showing people your website while they're searching for your products or services. Would you pay to have people who are looking for what you sell magically appear in your store? That's Google Ads. Google holds 75% of the search market, meaning they process 3.5 Billion Searches every day, that's 1.2 Trillion each year. Not only is it targeted traffic to your website, but you only pay when a customer clicks your ad or calls your number.

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More Money For Less: The PPC (Pay Per Click) billing method used by Google is the most cost effective way of paid advertising to date. The 2 main statistics for ad interactions are Impressions and Clicks. Impressions are the amount of times your ad was displayed on Google Search Results, it's completely free and could still lead to conversions. Clicks are the times your impressions where clicked or called and the customer navigated your website. This only the basics, Google has many other ways of making you lots of money, like Auctions, Max CPC, Keyword Planning, Negative Keywords, Google Display Network and Remarketing to name just a few. The best part, these are all Pay Per Click!

500K+ Daily Impressions On The Campaigns We Manage
40% Saved On Client Marketing Budget Each Month
100% Increase In Website Traffic & Form Submissions
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